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In support of the fight against COVID-19 Tegeta has transferred 200,000 GEL to the government fund

In support of the fight against COVID-19, Tegeta will transfer 200,000 GEL to the government fund.


Under the current unprecedented global challenges that equally concern citizens of many countries of the world, including Georgia, deep awareness of high social responsibility, quick adaptation to the existing reality and fulfilment of our important role in solving the universally significant greatest problem by each of us is crucially important.

Today, the main challenge is to care for people's health with the utmost care and prudence and to take all measures to prevent the rapid spread of the virus, which requires strict adherence to the principles of social distancing.

In this direction, Tegeta Motors welcomes the decisions made and the steps taken by the government of the country over the past month. We believe that the professional and coordinated actions of the relevant governmental departments will have a decisive effect on minimizing the damage caused by the pandemic, on the other hand, the maintenance of the minimum possible economic activity is of decisive importance. We must be able to continue to operate subject to strict adherence to all mandatory health safety requirements and compliance with all government-generated standards. This approach will be crucial in overcoming the economic crisis caused by the spread of the virus.

 We welcome the government’s decision regarding the continuation of significant infrastructure projects and the maintenance of the necessary economic activity in all possible directions.

Considering all the abovementioned, Tegeta Motors as a company providing service to many state institutions and large private companies, such as:

the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and its subordinated structural units: MIA Service Agency, the Emergency Situations Coordination and Urgent Assistance Center, the legal entity of public law of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “112 ", Border Police, state subordinated institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Emergency Situations Management Service, police departments and various regional institutions, the Ministry of Justice of Georgia, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Levan Samkharauli National Forensic Bureau, LEPE Revenue Service, such state, municipal and private enterprises as: Tbilisi Transport Company LLC, JSC Telasi, Georgian Post LLC, State Food Supply LLC, Gas Transportation Company LLC, the United Water Supply Company of Georgia, N(N)LE Special Services, Tbilisi Municipal Laboratory, JSC Energo-Pro Georgia, Neogas LLC, JSC Energo-Pro Georgia Generation, almost all banks in Georgia, many medical institutions, gas station networks, catering facilities, distribution network owner companies, etc. continues the full activities in this direction. We are ready to provide high-quality services to their transport throughout Georgia in a 24-hours mode applying the infrastructure of our large branches and with the help of a highly professional team.


 Today, we are very proud of and feel the great responsibility for   the provision of uninterrupted  technical support for city buses, which we have been successfully  implementing for several years for   233 buses of the German brand MAN imported by us on the basis of a tender announced by the Tbilisi City Hall.

At present, in the state of emergency in the country, we believe that the high social responsibility of our company sets a task before us for continuation of our operation in the above direction with strict adherence to all the requirements of health and safety of our consumers and employees, in order to provide uninterrupted maintenance of the vehicles of critical importance for the country and at the same time take care of our large team, which takes a worthy part in this important matter. Despite a significant reduction in business operations, we decided to maintain the number of our employees without exception.


As for the hundreds of thousands of our retail customers, we are ready to provide them with services remotely, using our online platforms, on-site delivery services and Tegeta comfort.

In addition to the above, to support the fight against Coronavirus Tegeta Motors will transfer 200,000 GEL  to the Georgian government fund.

We are deeply convinced that with standing together we will overcome this challenge in the near future and will together continue to build our country.

In support of the fight against COVID-19 Tegeta has transferred 200,000 GEL to the government fund

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