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On June 2, a traditional auto race – Bridgestone Black Sea Cup was held at the Rustavi race track covering the second stage of Championship of Georgia. The first joint event by Tegeta Motors and Bridgestone took place in 2005 and has been held annually since then. The ninth race was held at the Rustavi racetrack for the first time under the patronage of the Georgian Auto Sport Association and the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia. The prize fund of the most prestigious race reached the highest mark of 10 000 GEL and became an event of international scale: representatives of other countries participated in the competition along Georgian professional racers. Bridgestone Black Sea Cup, with informational support from EGO MEN magazine, was held in five categories. The audience had the chance to watch the race, as well as the show taking place simultaneously with it, on screen located in front of the main tribune.

As a result of a rather interesting and intense fight 4 winners were revealed at the event. BLACK SEA CUP The nineth traditional auto race.
On a hot Tbilisi day, during an ordinary, calm Tbilisi midday on Aghmashenebeli Avenue, Tegeta Motors arranged a memorable, dangerous and a spectacular performance. You’ve probably only seen drift and parkour together in movies. It’s unimaginable that something like that could have happened on a street where life flows in such a calm manner. It began like this: the cars driven by racers equipped with horns and Bridgestone flags blocked Aghmashenebeli Avenue. All of a sudden, parkour boys approached the procession exercising some very dangerous moves. The performance lasted 15 minutes. Then the “battle” moved to Rustavi. There was another show held at the racetrack – Impromptu and even more dangerous. What was all that for, you might ask? It was arranged so that everybody would know that Black Sea Cup was happening. This race keeping the car enthusiasts and racers alive is a joint project by Tegeta Motors and Bridgestone. The flashmob video went viral on the social media very fast. The witnesses and extreme fans shared the video with each other eagerly.

LASHA NADIRASHVILI: “I’ve been in the auto-sport since I was 15 and I love this sport very much. At 16 I was already racing in mono class. I am the nine-time prize-winner of Georgia. I am currently a member of the MIA FORCE – the sports club of the Georgian Ministry of International Affairs and I compete at the Formula Alfa. Today’s victory was very emotional to me. One of my teammates had a technical problem at the beginning, which was the reason for him to drop out of the race. It was hard for me to fight on my own, especially since I too, had technical issues, but my car made it. It was a rather heated competition it was distinctive from the ones before, there were much more cars and a larger audience. We were all nervous, although Idid win in the end. There is probably nothing that could compare to this feeling when you’ve been “tormented” for months and then finally, you receive the right results. The moments of victory are the most enjoyable and important moments of my life. Other than competing in auto sports and loving everything about extreme sports, I am a second year student at GIPA.”

SANDRO TSKHADADZE: “It’s only been a short while since I engaged in this sport. Although I had been interested in the field before – Offroad, mainly. I have enjoyed automobiles since I was little – racing is the best means to spare energy in a healthy manner without acting out on city roads. I do nothing other than sports; I am completely indulged in it. I try to stand firmly in this field and use all means available – for future victories. The racers today were very strong and it was rather hard to compete with them, although I still managed to win, for the first time in this particular style and it really was an amazing feeling. There were some intense moments throughout the race as well. Winning is the most important and I enjoy every second of it, although it would be better to say that I like everything about this sport.”

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ARCHIL BIDZINASHVILI: “I used to be fond of wrestling, now, I practically wrestle with cars. I started participating in motor sports with amateur competitions and slowly switched to the professional level. It all began in the year 2000 - 13 years ago and I have been seriously engaged in racing since then. I am proud to be the winner of one of the stages of the competition at the Championship of Europe in Yalta as well as the many-time winner of the Championship of Georgia in circular racing and the rise challenge etc. What I enjoy the most about this sport is winning, of course. You win and you lose, but I’ve always been in the top three and it makes me very happy. This sport carried me away from the very beginning and I’m constantly thinking what more to do, for myself or – for my car. To me it’s a regular thing, that’s how I work, it’s like a job, probably. Today’s race was rather interesting, although I didn’t have to fight much – I won two categories, it was definitely a good day. Whenever I’m not doing auto sports, I spend time with my family – I have 3 children and 2 grandchildren.”



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